Dangerous cargo

Requires knowledge and experience
Dangerous cargo – Advising, Planning, Packing and Transporting

Handling dangerous cargo is extremely complicated and dangerous.

Therefore it requires knowledge and experience.

There are many strict restrictions in this field and high standards are required.

We offer counseling and guidance services regarding transporting containers in state and overseas.

The service includes
  • Door to door services
  • Filling out forms of dangerous cargo declarations for international shipping cording to shipping aws, port regulations, sailing safety requirement of dangerous cargo
  • Examining cargo damages before filling the container
  • The containing process includes presence at time of activity
  • Checking cleanliness of container before putting the cargo in
  • Checking that the signs on the container are intact and correct
  • Verifying that the container meets the demand detailed in section of the international dangerous cargo codex introduction, and the international treaty for sea pollution prevention requirement MARPOL