International Shipping Proccess

International shipping process

Pick & Pack provides reliable and professional international shipping and packing services to individual customers, commercial companies, private collectors and art institutes from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

We believe that there is no need in settling on professionalism and service in international packing and shipping.

Our staff is highly experienced in international packing and shipping, with all logistics components and international regulations, in order to make your move as smooth and effective as possible.

What to ship?
How to decide which items should be internationally shipped
  1. Comparing cost of shipping with the purchase of a new product in the target country (there is no sense in shipping an item, which cost more to ship than to buy new).
  2. Use level of the item, meaning whether its shipping is essential and whether you can live without it in the target country. Remember that we provide the option to store items for short and long terms.
  3. Whether you electrical appliances are fit for use in the target country (broadcasting method etc.).
  4. You can’t send alcohol, cleaning detergents, plants etc. Some cannot be imported, some need special approvals and some apply a tax. In any case, shipping them may significantly delay the delivery.

How to ship?

Personal belonging can be sent by air in the quick option (10 working days), but this is much more expensive than shipping by sea, which takes a few weeks. The advantage of the air-shipping is the short time you need to manage without your belongings, not having to stay with family and friends and the possible savings in temporary housing or hotels. You might consider shipping you essentials by air and the rest, and majority, of your belongings by sea.

Why Us?
  1. We will contact the factors involved in the relocation process of your belongings.
  2. We appoint a senior project manager, who together with experienced staff and our 24-hour a day customer service, will accompany, advise and support you all along the process.
  3. We are here at your services starting with the preliminary advising to the time your belongings reached its target on time. We are here to serve and assist you.