Transporting Factories – Israel & Abroad

careful engineer gin and logistics planning
Transporting factories – Israel and abroad

We specialize in transporting factories and assembly lines with careful engineer gin and logistics planning according to the demands and requirements of authorities in the origin and target countries.

With Pick & Pack you will receive management and total liability for transporting factories. This service is called “Turn-Key” and is provided to factories interested in working with one address dealing with the cargo that is responsible for all aspects of transport.

We provide services to the textile industry, metal industry, printing, hi-tech, chip processing, medical and industrial equipment industries. The project is accompanied by a transport and project manager, on our behalf, from start to finish.

The project management includes cost analysis, examining alternatives, logistics planning of unloading, transport and shipping, to the establishment of the factory in its new location.

The customer receives a work plan detailing schedules, cost planning and control and supervision plan.

Our company has a $1,000,000 insurance policy on professional liability?

this amount can be increased on demand!