Volume Estimation

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Volume Estimation

In order to receive an offer for international shipping of your belongings, we must first estimate the volume of items sent. In order to do so, an advisor of the company will arrive at your home at no cost or obligation in order to review with you the items that will be sent. We will give you reliable and accurate volume estimation in addition to an attractive price offer.

Based on the volume of items sent, we will give you an offer. The offer for air-shipping will be based on volume weight, and the sea-shipping price offer could be based on cubic meters* or according to the price of a 20 or 40 foot container.

The price offer includes packing your belonging, transporting them to the port of origin, taking care of customs, loading your belongings on the plane or boat, transporting them to the target port and from there to your new place of residence, unloading the items and placing them in the various rooms including putting some of the furniture together.

The price offer does not include taxes of the target country (exemption in most cases) and the taxes and fees of the target port, which cannot be estimated prior to arrival.

* Cubic meter is roughly 167 kilograms.

Sea-shipping volume

In shipment by sea we charge according to the volume of cargo, which is calculated in cubic meters. The volume amount for sea-shipment determines whether it will be sent as LCL ? less container load; or as FCL ? full container load.

Sea containers

There are two main sizes for containers suitable for sea shipment of personal belongings:
20 foot ? Measures at 28-29 feet and is suitable for a 4-person family living in a 4 room apartment.
40 foot ? Measures at 56-58 feet and is suitable for a 6-person family living in a 6 room apartment.

Air cargo volume

For calculating the air weight, aviation companies use the physical weight of the cargo or its volume in a 1:6 ratio (the larger of the two).

The volume calculation format is weightXwidthXdepth of the package in centimeters divided by 6,000.